Personal Time Management

Gospelmaps is a great tool for personal time management. Because of my busy schedule, I don’t often have the time to do my own transcriptions. The reliable and accurate charts allow me to focus on other important areas of music and worship ministry. Thank you Gospelmaps for your service to the Kingdom of God!


Dr. Lindel M. Anderson, MME, DWS

Indiana Bible College Dean of Worship Studies

Accurate Representation

I love using Gospelmaps. They are always an accurate representation of the original song. It’s the best place to find Gospel Charts without doing them yourself!


Gordon Miller

Director of Creative Arts

Great Resource

If you’re looking for a resource for accurate sheet music and chord charts, Gospelmaps is the place to go. It’s been such a blessing to me and our music department!


Shelaine Fauss-Everhart

Music Director

Makes My Job Easier

When searching for chord charts, rhythm charts, and vocal charts for our team, Gospelmaps is the first place I look. It is an EXCELLENT source that provides accurate charts, and they never skip over the small details of a song. When preparing to teach new material Gospelmaps makes my job easier!


Cheryl Lytle

Worship Ministries Director

Better Prepared

Gospelmaps has helped us better prepare and improve our talents as a worship team. We are very thankful to have this resource as we grow and worship together!


Rachel Murdock

Music Director

No Longer Lost

Well—I found it; is perfect! Extremely Accurate Chord, Rhythm, and Vocal Charts. Anytime I’m lost all I have to do is pull up Gospelmaps to find my way!


Jerry Shubert

Studio Producer

Reliable Source

Gospelmaps is my “go to” when I’m looking for accurate music and vocals because I know I can trust the quality of the charts. As someone who has spent way to much time and frustration on fixing charts that were completely wrong from other sites, I appreciate having a reliable source I can count on!


Diane Horsley

Texas Bible College Instructor

Professional Charts

Gospelmaps is the first place I go for professional gospel charts for my worship team. Gospelmaps customer service is always first class.


Mark Waddle

Worship Pastor